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two_holmeses's Journal

My Dear Boy | 双福临门
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Devoted to the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. :)
1. Fanworks of all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes focused on the relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes welcome. Please use a clear header system with appropriate ratings and tag all your posts. LJ cuts should be used for bigger entries, including graphics.

2. All interpretations of the relationship are welcome: gen, pre-slash, and slash. However, please do not post works depicting one Holmes involved in a romantic/sexual relationship with somebody whose last name is not Holmes. (Wow that sounds convoluted. But you get the idea, ya?)

3. Discussions of either character and/or the actors portraying them are also welcome. Due to the small size of the comm, introduction posts are fine. Please try to not get offtopic too much otherwise. :)

4. Common fandom protocols for politeness and decency apply. Flames will be deleted and flamers will be warned/banned.

5. At the moment this is a dual-language community (in both English and Chinese). This is in consideration of the multicultural aspect of the fandom. Posting fanworks in any language is fine.

6. Please contact snowlight if you have any concerns/questions/comments.

Thank you and have fun!

Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes兄弟(粮食可清水可黄暴CP可)社区。






让我们不要大意地YY起来吧~ XD